Intel Media won’t be watching you, after all: TV service ditches controversial camera

Intel Media is giving up on plans to use a camera for personalization as part of its upcoming TV service, according to a Wall Street Journal report. The Intel (S INTC) subsidiary is currently testing the TV service with 2,500 employees across three Intel campuses, and Intel Media boss Erik Huggers told the paper that the camera was simply not performing well enough in low-light conditions. He added that privacy concerns played a role a well.
Intel Media is scheduled to launch its TV service before the end of the year. The company will offer consumers a cable-TV-like subscription bundle that will include access to live TV, a catch-up service that is meant to offer access to any show someone may have missed within the last few days and on-demand programming. Earlier this month, GigaOM broke the story that the service is going to be called OnCue, but Intel has yet to officially reveal its branding.
The TV service will be available on multiple devices, including a set-top box manufactured and sold by Intel. The company initially planned to include a camera with this box that would be able to identify who is watching at any given time, and personalize programming recommendations and possibly even ads based on that information. However, Intel got a lot of push-back on that feature when it officially introduced its plans in February.