Latest Moto X leak surfaces with the Magic Glass lens frame

On Monday, reports of Motorola’s upcoming Moto X phone using “Magic Glass” hit and just a day later, images showing a part of the glass assembly leaked. At this point, Motorola(s goog) won’t have anything left to show off at a Moto X press event this Thursday.
The idea behind Moto Magic Glass is simple: Use strong Corning(s glw) Gorilla Glass in a design that doesn’t waste space and allows the glass to wrap around the side of the handset without any gap. Glass is certainly part of that solution, but the frame for the screen itself is also important. Reported images of the frame from FanaticFone show how Motorola may achieve the design solution.
moto x frame front
If this is indeed an image of the actual part, it appears that the screen may only appear to wrap around the sides of the handset. A closer look at an angled component image illustrates the thought:
moto x frame angle
As I see it, the rounded edge that transitions between the front of the phone and the back of it appears as smooth as glass, which could give a wrap-around feel.
Also of note are the several holes in the component for the various sensors on the device. Motorola and Google have already hinted that this phone will better take advantage of sensor information than other phones do so it knows when it’s in your pocket, for example. With just two days left before the official Moto X debut, we won’t have long to wait. Or to have any more bits leak on what may be Motorola’s worst kept secret.