Rackspace blogger-in-chief Robert Scoble pooh-poohs need for Amazon API compatibility

You were warned. We told you last week to gird yourself for another round of Amazon(s amzn) API sniping and here it is. Rackspace(s rax) blogger and tech gadfly Robert Scoble wrote an open letter of his own in response to Cloudscaling CTO Randy Bias’ diatribe on the need for OpenStack players — especially Rackspace — to embrace rather than ignore Amazon’s APIs.
Scoble reiterated Rackspace’s talking points that strict adherence to the existing Amazon APIs restricts, rather than promotes innovation and that contrary to what pro AWS API forces say, adherence to those APIs is a non-issue with most customers. Limited resources should be spent on building new features and functions, not complying with old APIs, seems to be the gist.
Scoble, who said he spends much of his time talking to prospective users, especially startups, sees no pent-up demand for AWS compatibility.  He wrote:

“Not a single startup has told me that they won’t go with OpenStack because of API compatibility issues. Rather they say they don’t see an innovation alternative yet to Amazon (although increasingly they are paying attention to OpenStack BECAUSE OpenStack has gotten momentum as an innovation competitor). “

So there.
Photo courtesy of  Flickr user Joi