Jive Summer Release includes integration with the “dead” Yammer

Jive has continued its feverish pace of innovation with a long list of updates in the Jive Cloud Summer Release, some of which are really big deals.
Jive’s acquisition of StreamOnce continues to lead to new connections, and now, on top of the earlier email integrations of Outlook and Gmail — allowing full participation of email-only users in Jive social interaction — Jive has announced four others:  Dropbox, Chatter, Yammer, and Evernote.
Yammer is kind of interesting, considering that Tony Zingale, the CEO of Jive, declared Yammer “dead” last week. Leaving that bit of theatrics to the side, Jive has rapidly pushed itself into the role of a social “interoperator” — allowing users to pull content from a diverse set of services and socialize it in Jive.
I have not had a demo yet, but I am fascinated with the work that Jive has been doing around “purposeful” work, and the idea of making decision making much more explicit.
Here are some screenshots from their website, illustrating the notion of getting closure on agreements, not just talking about things forever, and being able to quickly find the status of action items.
jive actions
I am going to hold off further discussion of “purposeful” work until I can get a demo or create an account. But Jive continues to be one of the fastest-moving vendors in the market.