Meet Mynd: the iOS calendar app that keeps track of how you spend your time

Yes, there’s another app about to launch that wants to help you stay productive and on top of your daily tasks and appointments. But this one, Mynd, also wants to help you decide if you’re spending your time wisely. Mynd calendarMynd goes live in the iOS App Store(s AAPL) Wednesday morning, where it will be free to download. The app is a calendar that uses your contacts, maps, location, and Facebook, Evernote and LinkedIn accounts (if you choose) to present a picture of what your day looks like. It will prompt you at the appropriate times to get ready for your next appointment; it’ll tell you when to leave for your doctor’s appointment in order to arrive on time, will dial you into your next conference call and show you the weather for where you’re going. It will also surface the Evernote notes that are related to particular meetings. There are certainly a lot of these apps (I’ve written about many of them recently). But Mynd is purposefully a bit different than those. When you open the app you aren’t presented with a traditional calendar view. You see a home screen of large panels that show you, all at once, your next upcoming appointment time, a picture of who you’re meeting with, the current weather report, the location you’re headed next, how many miles you’ve traveled today, and the number of appointments you have to go. It’s a lot of information elegantly presented. Instead of overwhelming the user with info, it actually makes the day seem manageable. Managing time is the app’s main feature. And its most important feature allows you to look back at the end of the day or page back through the week, get a quick summary and make a judgement about where you’ve been, who you met with, etc.

“It’s at the core of what we’re about: time as the basis of presenting you with all sorts of relevant and interesting info about how you’re spending this valuable commodity of time,” Max Wheeler, founder and CEO told me.

Mynd was founded by Wheeler and a group of former employees of Good Technology — so getting stuff done at work is kind of their thing. They’ve also been heavily testing the technology that helps predict travel times and when users should leave for appointments. They’ve been gaining real user feedback on their algorithm through a basic app called NeverLate, which they launched in February. NeverLate was a proof of concept, where the team learned how to not come up with the wrong estimates about travel times. “We learned a lot about how to make educated guesses,” Wheeler said. And most importantly when not to make them and risk leading the user astray. The free version of the app is aimed at people to use in their work and personal lives — most people use one calendar for all those things anyway — but Mynd plans to make money by selling a white-label version to businesses that they can customize for their own employees. Founded in 2012, Mynd has $950,000 in funding from Tugboat Ventures.