Mobilize 2013: What happens when computing is everywhere?

This year in the U.S. mobile data revenue will surpass voice revenue for the first time, according to data from Chetan Sharma. And Sharma expects the mobile data industry will bring in $90 billion in service revenues for the U.S. market. That’s what experts expect the U.S. to spend over 12 years of reconstruction in Afghanistan.
And the lure of mobile data isn’t limited to the U.S. There are three times as many mobile broadband subscriptions in the world compared with wireline subscriptions, according to the ITU. And while mobile penetration globally has reached 96.2 percent, we at GigaOM still think we are on the cusp of a mobile revolution.
But that revolution will occur outside of the cellular industry. It will happen as connected devices rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth radios inside of phones or inside home networks. And eventually as Wi-Fi spreads and peer to peer networking technologies mature, it may even surpass cellular connectivity.
And as we embrace mesh networks or Wi-Fi in more places for our devices we’re going to start sending more data back to the companies that provide us our email, our storage, our apps. This data will drive new business models, insights and opportunities for large and small companies.
Six years ago we launched Mobilize, a conference aimed at explaining how constant connectivity and the app economy would change how we interact with our friends and build businesses.
That year the App Store launched and Research in Motion (now BlackBerry) was still relevant. The first Android phone launched the month after our event. It was the dawn of a new era. Fast forward through the launch of the first Motorola Android device on our stage to debates over native versus web apps on mobile devices to today, where mobility is more than what happens on the handset. Now, the pervasiveness of computing is everywhere in our daily lives.
The lifeblood of this connected world will be bandwidth, but the value (and profit margins) will be in the data flowing between people and businesses. Mobilize will be the only mobile event that can explore this shift to pervasive computing from the networking side all the way up to the data and APIs in the cloud.
And of course, we’ll throw in some sexy devices too. This is going to be big. Make sure you’re on board and register today.