Take that, Amazon! ProfitBricks cuts cloud pricing

Last week it was CloudSigma, this week ProfitBricks put its cloud pricing on the chopping block, saying its sliced some pricing by up to 50 percent.
ProfitBricks, a German-based company with U.S. headquarters in Boston, pitches its view of scale-up  cloud instances, paired with fast Infiniband connectivity, as an attractive alternative to Amazon Web Services(s amzn).  A detailed way to  parse the new price model is here with ProfitBricks offering comparisons to both AWS and Rackspace(s rax) pricing. In general, Pete Johnson, an HP(s hpq) veteran who is now  cloud evangelist for ProfitBricks, says the company offers more configuration options than Amazon that better fit many use cases.
You need to be a Ph.D. with a spreadsheet to assess cloud pricing between providers, but comparing ProfitBricks new pricing to its existing model, the company cut price on CPU cores by 50 percent, on RAM by 50 percent and dropped all charges on in-bound networking, Johnson said.
The company also claims that customers can save “at least 45 percent”  compared to an Amazon M1 instance which — at  one CPU  core, 3.75GB of RAM and 250GB of block storage will cost $0.155 per hour or $111.40 per month. The comparable ProfitBricks instance costs $0.0856 per our or $61.65 per month, according to ProfitBricks. But, as always, check out the comparisons on your own  — there are many variables in Amazon pricing.
Price is a moving target in cloud land. Amazon is famous for adding services and cutting prices dozens of times per year. So I guess, it’s now Amazon’s turn again.