Apple wants low-energy chips, snaps up Passif Semiconductor

Well, if we wanted more evidence that Apple(s AAPL) is interested in a smaller, wearable computing device, here’s some: the company recently acquired a chipmaker that specializes in low-energy communications, called Passif Semiconductor. The news was first reported by tech reporter Jessica Lessin.
Passif’s chipsets are able to send information using very little energy and are said to include a Bluetooth LE (low energy) radio, which tends to be used for connectivity in small, wearable computers¬†and Internet of Things devices. These types of low-power technologies are super important for small mobile devices because you need to be able to use a small battery to power them and not have to constantly recharge them.¬†Apple already supports Bluetooth LE in the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5.
There have been many hints that Apple is actively working on a smartwatch or some kind of smaller wearable device. It’s registered for the trademark on iWatch in several countries. It has been lately hiring experts in health technology, which is a natural application for wearable computing.