Cord cutters alert: 5 percent of broadband users watch all their TV online

Five percent of broadband subscribers exclusively use Netflix, (s NFLX) Hulu and other online video services for their TV viewing, according to a new survey by market research company RVA and commissioned by the Fiber to the Home Council. Some 40 percent of broadband users get at least some of their TV from online sources, the survey found.
The move towards online viewing, and away from traditional pay TV, is even more pronounced for younger consumers: 70 percent of all broadband users under 35 get some of their TV online, and 13 percent of that demographic stream all of their TV, and don’t access cable or broadcast TV at all anymore. Half of those 13 percent told market researchers that they have never purchased a pay-TV subscription in their life.
The Fiber to the Home Council, which was founded by fiber-optics vendors more than a decade ago, obviously has its own agenda for commissioning this survey. As one would expect, Its press release went on to point out how much better all those videos look when they stream through a fiber connection.
But the data is interesting nonetheless, as it shows not only how video is driving broadband consumption, but also how especially young consumers rely less and less on traditional pay TV for their TV-viewing fix.
Image courtesy of Flickr user Jason Rosenberg.