Moto Maker lets you customize your Moto X like a pair of Chuck Taylors

The new Moto X looks great in black or white, but it looks even better in turquoise with purple accents. Motorola (s goog) is letting you customize its latest smartphone to your exact specifications through its site Moto Maker. We got to spend some time with it at the Moto X event on Thursday.

The first thing you need to know is that at launch, Moto Maker will only be available for AT&T(s t) customers. Motorola plans to introduce it to other carriers later in the year, but if you’re buying the phone on Sprint(s s), T-Mobile(s tmus) or Verizon(s vz), you’re limited to either black or white at first.

If you’re buying on AT&T, there are two different ways you can purchase your phone. The first and probably easiest option is to log into the Moto Maker site (which isn’t live yet), design your phone, choose your plan and wait for it to arrive in four days or fewer (Motorola is building the phones in Fort Worth, Texas, to cut down on shipping time). But if you’re not that patient, you can go to an AT&T store, where you will actually be given a black or white loaner model of the phone to use while you wait for your custom model to be made.

Moto Maker

AT&T will supply you with a scratch-off redemption card, which you can then enter in Motorola’s site to design your phone. If you’ve ever custom-created a pair of shoes online, then you already have a pretty good idea of how Moto Maker works. Here are the details you can decide on: front, back, accents, memory, wallpaper and an optional inscription.

There are only two color options to choose from for the front of the phone, but there’s a whopping 18 color possibilities for the back. There are even multiple shades of red, gray, green, blue and purple. Your possibilities are really only limited by the rainbow. You then choose from seven different accent colors — altogether there are more than 2,000 unique possibilities to choose from, which sure beat the choice of black or white. And while it won’t be available until the end of the year, Motorola showed off some wood-based prototypes that look really snazzy.

Moto X wood

Once you’ve tricked out your Moto X, you can choose to add an inscription on the back. You can also provide Motorola with your Google ID, and the phone will arrive with it already loaded, a la Amazon Kindle.(s AMZN) As if that weren’t enough, you can choose your phone’s wallpaper (interestingly, the ones you don’t choose don’t come preloaded on the phone otherwise, so choose wisely), and whether you’d like to create a custom message that appears whenever you power up the phone.

But that’s not all, there’s more! You can pick either a black or white charger, and if you really want to go the whole nine yards, you can buy a pair of color-matched headphones or a wireless NFC speaker from SOL Republic.

I know what you’re thinking: Great. So now I’ve got an army green phone with neon orange accents, but I’m just going to cover it all up with a boring case. Well, you can certainly cover up the phone with a boring case if you wish, but if you’d like to showcase your design, you can also order a clear case right through Moto Maker.

Moto X Colors 2

The best part is that, if you change your mind about your design, Motorola will return or exchange your phone for free within the first two weeks. So even if you’re not quite sure how well salmon pink and mint green will pair together, at least you won’t be stuck with something truly awful.

Outside of Nokia,(s NOK) color has mostly been missing from smartphones of late. There’s nothing wrong with black or white, but I’m a fan of the customizable Moto X, and hope this turns into a bigger trend.