EMC top blogger and CTO Chuck Hollis moves to VMware

Updated: Shame on me for missing this, but EMC(s emc) global marketing CTO and top blogger Chuck Hollis is, as of August 1, with VMware(s vmw) as chief strategist.
Hollis is a prolific, thoughtful and respected blogger and his move to VMware comes after a half dozen or so top VMware execs including Bogomil Balkansky and Ben Verghese have left that building.
As might be expected, Hollis disclosed his new role on his blog.  He wrote:

“At the beginning of this year, VMware started to implement a BU (business unit) strategy. One of the new business units — led by Charles Fan — is dubbed SAS: storage and application services. I’ve known Charles for many years, and like him a lot.
When I learned what he’d be working on, I found the opportunity irresistible.”

He didn’t say too much about what specifically he’ll be involved with, other than it will focus on VMware’s obsession with software-defined data centers. And, given that EMC is majority owner of VMware, and the lines between the two companies are often questioned by critics, he stressed that VMware operates independently of its parent.  EMC also partially owns Pivotal, now run by former VMware CEO Paul Maritz and RSA. In what is probably related news, RSA president Art Coviello Tom Heiser last week left that post to be come cloud chief at EMC.
One former VMware exec who requested anonymity was not surprised by this move: “With the brain drain at VMware, they need help. And it’s really hard to hire in the Valley. Couple all that with [VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger] knowing Chuck from EMC and there you go.” Hollis is based out of EMC’s Hopkinton, Mass. headquarters.
Hollis wrote that while EMC-VMware-Pivotal-RSA et al are sort of one big happy family: “Make no mistake, now that I’m a VMware employee there’s a completely different set of perspective and priorities in play as compared to my previous vantage point at EMC.”
We’ll see.
Update: This story was corrected at 7:33 a.m. PDT August 5 to reflect that it was RSA President Tom Heiser, not Art Coviello, who became EMC’s cloud chief. I apologize for my error.