HP brags that Apple is interested in running Project Moonshot servers

If Hewlett-Packard (s hpq) CEO Meg Whitman is to be believed, many tech giants — including the great white whale that is Apple(s aapl) — have expressed interest in running HP’s latest-and-greatest Project Moonshot energy-sipping servers in their data centers.
appledatacenter1HP execs have been telling partners this for some time but, honestly, what else would we expect them to say? The Intel (s intc) Atom-based Project Moonshot servers, which started shipping in April, are HP’s latest attempt to take on the data center of the future with energy- and space-efficient servers. And time is of the essense since  no-name server vendors are showing momentum in these web scale data centers. Pricier HP, Dell(s dell) and IBM(s ibm) servers? Not so much momentum.
The difference between the sales chit-chat that’s taken place in the field for the past few months and now is that Whitman is on the record telling CRN that Apple, which is notoriously tight-lipped about its own data center infrastructure, likes what it sees in Moonshot. Of course, we have heard nothing from Apple on this and really don’t expect to. And the fact that HP’s CEO took it on herself to discuss it may end up hurting HP’s chances.
In the past, job listings and other random information seemed to indicate that Apple is using Oracle(s orcl) and IBM servers in its data centers. something that probably didn’t go down well at HP.