It looks like Hortonworks co-founder Baldeschwieler has left the company

It appears that Hortonworks co-founder and CTO Eric Baldeschwieler is no longer with the company. Hortonworks is the Hadoop software and services company that spun out of Yahoo in June 2011.
Baldeschwieler is no longer listed on the management team page, where former Chief Products Officer Ari Zilka is now listed as CTO. Baldeschwieler’s name has also been removed from the company’s board of directors page.┬áCached pages from July 26 and July 24, respectively, still list him in both positions.
He was the Hortonworks CEO until February 2012, when, as we reported, he was replaced by veteran open source executive and then-COO Rob Bearden. The company didn’t publicly announce the change, although Baldeschwieler did put a positive spin on the news in a subsequent blog post. Several sources — and numerous commenters to my post on Hortonworks’ launch — have said the company’s investors always wanted Bearden as CEO and it was just a matter of time until the job was his.
Baldeschwieler was Yahoo’s vice president of Hadoop software development prior to the formation of Hortonworks. Yahoo decided to spin off the company and keep a stake in it rather than lose Baldeschwieler and his team to the countless Silicon Valley big data and web startups then fighting for skilled Hadoop engineers. Yahoo led the development of Hadoop during its formative years and is still an active contributor to the open source project.
I have reached out to both Hortonworks and Baldeschwieler for comment but have not received a response from either.