GM cuts the price tag of the 2014 electric Volt by $5K

Following Nissan offering a cheaper version of its 2013 electric LEAF, GM has announced that it will cut the price of its 2014 electric Volt by $5K. That will make the price of the 2014 Chevy Volt around $35K.
The move shows how auto manufacturers are both lowering their costs of production and passing that onto the consumer, but also looking to spur the sometimes slower-than-expected sales of electric cars.
Volt charging at mallAround 43,000 Volts have been sold, according to reports, but that’s under what GM had been hoping for by this time. The price cut could help the Volt compete more effectively with Nissan’s less expensive LEAF and the still strong-selling Prius. Tesla’s Model S electric car is in the luxury category and more expensive.
GM’s Volt has a range of about 40 miles on its battery and then a gas-powered engine kicks in. GM is hoping that this added “range-extender” will help beat range anxiety in this early stage of electric cars, when there aren’t a lot of chargers around. Nissan’s LEAF and Tesla’s Model S are all-electric cars, with bigger batteries, but less complicated cores.
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