Now you can even buy original Warhols and Monets on Amazon

It sells just about everything else, so why not art, too?

Marilyn Monroe - Castelli Graphics Invitation; Hand Signed, 1981, Andy Warhol

Marilyn Monroe – Castelli Graphics Invitation; Hand Signed, 1981, by Andy Warhol. Price on Amazon: $16,000

Amazon on Tuesday opened its Amazon Art store. The online art store features 40,000 pieces from 4,500 artists and 150 galleries. Pieces range in price and style from $10 for a screenprinted $1 bill to $4.8 million for a Norman Rockwell oil painting. Broswers can sort art by price, from low to high — which is very Amazon, but not typically how the art world organizes its works.

Norman Rockwell amazon

Willie Gillis: Package from Home by Norman Rockwell (1941), which is selling for $4.85 million on Amazon

Amazon sells millions of different products, and is adding to that list all the time. But the world’s biggest retailer is best known for books, diapers and other everyday fare — not high-end items like art.

Amazon isn’t the only tech company to try to get a foothold in the rarefied art world. Google Art Project allows anyone with an internet connection to view artworks from galleries and museums around the world in high resolution.

What the Amazon Art Store ‘s does for art prices remains to be seen.