Oppo N-Lens N1 emerges to battle the Nokia Lumia 1020

Oppo, best known for its high-end Blu-ray players, is reportedly working on a new camera-centric Android(s goog) phone. Weibo user ICTech recently uncovered pictures of the Oppo N-Lens N1, which is believed to have a 12-megapixel camera and a Xenon flash.
Now, 12 megapixels doesn’t sound too impressive stacked up against camera phones like the Nokia Lumia 1020, which boasts a whopping 41-megapixel sensor. But the N-Lens N1 is reportedly using an “Owl” image chip, which promises strong low-light performance. That, combined with the Xenon flash, could make it a strong contender, at least if you like to take pictures in the dark.
But low-light performance aside, it isn’t clear how the N1 will outshine its higher-megapixel competition. Keep in mind that more megapixels do not necessarily equal a better picture, though. Yes, the Lumia 1020(s nok) is one of the better camera phones out there right now, but I’ve seen plenty of 8-megapixel shooters outperform their 13-megapixel counterparts.
Smartphones aren’t entirely new to Oppo. The Chinese manufacturer put out the lovely Oppo Find 5 earlier this year. Judging by that phone’s strong 13-megapixel camera performance, Oppo may very well be onto something with this new Owl chip.
There are no additional details about screen size, processor or Android version. The only other thing we know is that the phone may retail for $480, which would be a good price for an unlocked device as long as the rest of the specs fall on the higher end of the spectrum.