Pebble, Android & Twilio founders to discuss the future of computing at Mobilize

Remember when mobile phones were the size of a brick and only used for talking to people? If not, I assure it was happening roughly 25 years ago, but today we rarely use our phones for chatting. Going forward we may not even be taking them out of our pockets, using them as the backup computers and connectivity hubs for an increasing number of connected devices from watches to toy robots to  door locks.
In this next stage in the evolution we’ll see both voice and the smartphone apps moving beyond the confines of the actual handset, and that trend will be one of the topics we’ll hit at Mobilize 2013 in San Francisco October 16th and 17th. We’ll debate where voice belongs — tied to a device or tied to applications — and what happens when voice becomes all IP and free to access anywhere. Jeff Lawson, the co-founder and CEO of Twilio, will be speaking on these topics and more.
As for the new jobs the phone is taking on we’ll have Android Co-founder Rich Miner, now of Google Ventures(s goog), discussing whether or not we are at the beginning of an entirely new wave of computing. Plus, we’ll ask him if the internet of things needs a new operating system.
And since Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble, built one of the wearable devices that takes advantage of the smartphone’s power and connectivity, we’ll talk to him about trends in hardware development and wearable computing. Plus, he’ll share his experiences building out a connected product for the consumer market, an area entrepreneurs are trying to master as new technology and Kickstater open new possibilities.
And because cramming computing into more and more places requires new thinking about design we’ve got Dennis Miloseski, the head of Studio, Samsung Design America, and Olof Schybergson, the CEO and co-founder of Fjord, a design consultancy. There will be plenty more from Gary Shapiro, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association, Glenn Lurie of AT&T(s t) and Jim Kohlenberger, the former White House policy advisor to two U.S. presidents and an advisor with Mobile Future.
This year’s Mobilize will spend time unpacking the hottest trends in technology today while still paying attention to the underlying infrastructure needed to make it all happen in the future. We’ll also focus on the river of data that’s unleashed by constant computing and ubiquitous mobility and talk about how companies are finding value in it. Expect to hear more awesome speakers, some insightful commentary and enjoy productive networking at the Mobilize conference in October. Register before August 9 to get your early bird pricing.