Stores to customers: Read our Gmail blasts, get a special discount

It’s safe to say that businesses aren’t happy about the new Gmail.
Any promotion, whether it’s newsletters, discounts or updates, no longer shows up in the primary feed — and Google has confirmed there’s nothing companies can do about it. If users have chosen to take advantage of the new tabbed inbox, then there’s nothing more to it. All mass-mailed content will skip the primary inbox and head straight for the dreaded “Promotions” tab.


In order to claw their way out of archives wasteland, companies like Kate Spade Saturday are sending along notes that call users to “white list” newsletters and promotions for the primary inbox. The fix is simple — any received mail can be dropped into the “Primary” tab, and all future communications will be rerouted there for the user. Companies have even started offering incentives to users that utilize tabbed inboxes, such as the Gap’s 30% off “Thank You” tagged onto the note for users to switch.