Vine recovers some lost momentum post-Instagram video

A little over a month ago, news broke that Instagram had put a serious dent in the interest in Vine after the release of Instagram’s video offering, particularly around sharing on Twitter.
According to analysis from Marketing Land, tweets that included Vines had dropped fairly precipitously post–Instagram Video. In retrospect, it makes sense that those who were already involved in social video would jump over to try Instagram video for a spell, particularly since, well, early adopters are early adopters.
But six weeks is a year in social network years, so I started wondering how things are today. While I don’t have a Topsy account to check out how tweet volume has performed, I checked both Google Trends as well as app downloads via App Annie to gauge how Vine is doing, and, well, it looks like Vine is making a bit of a comeback. has bounced back on Google Trends has bounced back on Google Trends

First Google Trends. As can be seen by the chart, has made a slight uptick in popularity over the past month from its trough. Granted, Google Trends isn’t a perfect measure of how often, say, a Vine is shared, but I imagine there is some loose correlation.
However, I think a better measure of the Vine bounceback has been downloads. Here is how the Vine app has performed via App Annie:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 3.31.42 PM

As can be seen by the chart above, the app was the No. 1 social network app and near the top in total apps in early June. When Instagram video came out, its rank dipped significantly, dropping from the No. 2 app overall to No. 26 at its nadir on July 8 and the No. 4 social network app on July 17.
And now? Well, about a month and a half after the release of Instagram video, Vine has bounced back. While it hasn’t quite gotten back to its previous levels for overall app rankings — it is currently sitting at the No. 7 app overall, versus No. 2 in early June — but it has regained its top spot for social networking apps, according to App Annie.
My initial belief was that Instagram video would be a rising tide for all boats in the short to medium term for all social video, including Vine, before a shakeout. I still believe that to a certain degree, but now Vine has to really focus on innovating. Why? Because Instagram isn’t slowing down. Today it rolled out video imports, which is a big deal.
Clearly things are moving fast, and despite a bounceback, Vine needs to step up its new feature rollouts or the shakeout could come faster than anticipated.