Google Glass isn’t just for pictures: You can shoot aliens with it!

Google(s goog) Glass is certainly useful: It lets you do web searches, get directions and take pictures. Oh, and you can shoot down alien hordes too.
A number of developers are tapping the little screen of Google Glass for games and one of the more interesting ones I’ve seen was demonstrated by Kenji Castro on his Google+ page. Since Glass can wirelessly stream what the wearer sees to an Android phone, Castro took this video from his HTC handset to show you what he can see.
The actual game development is still in progress by developer Sean McCracken. He calls the game — named PSYCLOPs–  a cross between “3D Space Invaders mixed with Missile Command.”
From the video it looks to me like alien ships are shooting beams downward at the planet and you have to turn your head to line up the ships with your target sight. Do that for a few seconds to lock on to the ship and BOOM! I wonder if McCracken can add voice controls for the actual shooting part: Line up the alien ship and say “Fire” to sent a ray of destruction at it.
I’m not sure I’d play this in public since nobody could see the alien ships — not to mention that I could get dizzy — but the basic concept is clever and shows how Glass can be used in non-standard, fun ways.