Motorola is reportedly working on a new Nexus in time for the holidays

9to5Google spotted a rather interesting post Taylor Wimberly made to Google Plus on Thursday. You might remember that Wimberly, formerly of Android and Me, was chock full of leaks for the Moto X, most of which turned out to be true. Now he’s reporting that Motorola is already at work on Google’s next Nexus smartphone, which should be ready in time for a holiday launch.
Google(s goog) has previously used a number of manufacturers for its Nexus line, from HTC and Samsung to, most recently, LG. Early rumors pegged LG to remain on board for the next Nexus, but Motorola seems like a much more likely fit. Google owns Motorola, after all.
If the rumors are true, it’ll be interesting to see how this phone compares to Motorola’s current line. Will it come in different sizes like the new Droid lineup for Verizon? Or will it feature a customizable design like the Moto X? Perhaps it’ll be something else entirely. Let the rumor mill continue to churn.