The GigaOM Show: Is spying on your kids okay? Plus cyber-theft via Starbucks

Is it okay to snoop on your kids with tools like keystroke logging software in an effort to keep them safe? We discuss the polarizing idea after Mathew Ingram revealed he’d been doing so for years. And speaking of protecting yourself online, Lauren Hockenson tells us how — in a very Superman III-esque fashion — cyber-thieves used small purchases on Starbucks cards to siphon off $1,700 from her bank account.
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Hosts: Chris Albrecht, Tom Krazit
Guests: Mathew Ingram, Lauren Hockenson
Snooping on your kids: If the NSA’s tools were available, I probably would have used them
How scammers drained $1,700 from my bank account using Starbucks