ICYMI podcasts: Hortonworks hears a “who” but Amazon shouldn’t hear the nukes

This week’s GigaOM Structure Show tries to figure out what’s going on at Hortonworks, which lost both a co-founder and a CTO this past week. That’s not the only company that had a rocky week though: Is IBM(s ibm) really a “company in decline”? Barb Darrow and Derrick Harris try to answer that question on this week’s episode.
Chris Albrecht and Kevin Tofel share a pair of new Chrome extensions on the GigaOM Chrome Show this week: One is specific to the new Moto X(s goog) phone while the other lets anyone view Photosphere images right in the browser. Some new Chromecast questions are answered too as the device turns out to be useful on the go.
Our Weekly Wrapup Podcast takes a deep dive into two personal, but very important, topics: Spying on your kids online activities — and what happens when you do — plus how easy it is for online scammers to launder money from your bank account through digital payment cards.
Rounding out our audio episodes this week is an engaging discussion on the GigaOM Internet of Things show between Stacey Higginbotham and Bernie Anger, the general manager of communications and control systems for GE. Anger understands how industrial data benefits from the cloud but he’s not suggest we put nuclear power plant data on Amazon Web Services(s amzn). Far from it!
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