Google Glass gains voice posting to Path, Evernote plus new Google Now cards

The newest monthly software update for Google(s goog) Glass became available on Monday, adding Path and Evernote as the first two service partners to support voice posts. Developers can start adding their own voice commands for apps as well. Additional Google Now cards are also included in the software update, providing information for Traffic, Weather and Sports.
On its Google+ page, the Glass team says voice commands for Path and Evernote are just the beginning: “Soon you’ll be able to use your voice to trigger all sorts of services” from the wearable device. For now, Glass owners can post an update to Path or create a note in Evernote simply by speaking it.
Google shared the technical details on the new voice command features with developers so they can use the same voice input for other apps and services. Now, in the Google Glass menu options, developers can add the “post an update” or “take a note” function to their apps. I’d love to see this soon added to Google Keep, the company’s own note-taking app that syncs across devices running the Chrome browser, Android, iOS(s aapl) and Chrome OS platforms.
Android phone users have long had Google Now cards for Traffic, Weather and Sports, but Google Glass owners haven’t seen those until now. After the update, they’ll have those as well as information for Restaurants, Events, Hotels, Movies and Emergency Alerts simply by swiping back on their Google Glass touchpad.
One other handy new feature in this update? Users can tap to pause, play or scrub through videos and video updates in the CNN app for Google Glass.