NY Times introduces channels on IFTTT

Fans of the automatic efficiency of app automator IFTTT will have the opportunity to become news power-users, thanks to the new New York Times channel for the service.
The channel, which rolled out today, offers six triggers for IFTTT users that are powered by the Times API:

  • New article in section:Triggers an update when a new article appears in a selected section.
  • Any new popular article: When an article hits the Times‘ “Most Popular” section, an update is sent.
  • New article from search: Updates with articles that match a given search query
  • New Critics’ Pick movie review: Fires every time a new review makes “Critics’ Pick”.
  • Best Sellers ListWhen a book makes the Best Sellers List, an update will occur.
  • New event in category: For the New York area only, any new event in a specific category from the newspaper will populate.

With access to apps like Evernote, Instapaper, Dropbox and even Google Calendar, voracious readers of the Times will be able to access new articles offline, sync with social media, or get summaries sent to an email inbox.
The app doesn’t need any extra registration, so even users without subscriptions to the paper will be able to access Times content through IFTTT. However, some recipes only allow snippets of the article, so it’s safe to say that the experience will be more pleasurable without the paywall involved.
“We released our public APIs with the hope that people would use some of our data to create great apps, projects and experiences: whether it’s a project to re-think NYC pay phones, a data visualization of our content, or a useful everyday service like IFTTT,” explains Joe Fiore, Manager of Technology at the Times. “We were happy to help IFTTT take advantage of our rich dataset in a way that they could provide a valuable service to their users while bringing The Times to a new and exciting platform.
This is another big step for IFTTT, which has added enriched functionality to mobile on top of expanding the features of some of the most commonly used apps today. It is quickly cementing itself as a go-to tool for automating tasks, and now boasts healthy media options for users interested in getting their news without looking for it.