Thin is in: New iPad to use iPad mini thin screen tech, says WSJ

Images of a thinner iPad display part with less bezel that appeared last week could be the real deal based on a Monday report from the Wall Street Journal. Citing “people with knowledge of the matter”, the Journal says Apple’s next iPad will take screen design cues from the thinner iPad mini.
Unlike the current full-sized iPad, the iPad mini uses a film-based touchpad display which helps reduce the thickness of the screen, and in turn, of the device itself. By using this option over a glass-based touch panel, the new iPad could also be lighter as well. That will depend, however, on other design features. If Apple opts to increase the battery size, for example, any weight saving from the film-based touchpad could be offset.
This technical change is likely to come with a design change as well. Various leaks have shown that Apple is either testing or strongly considering the idea of making the larger iPad look more like the iPad mini. One big difference between the two is the size of the screen bezel: The iPad mini’s usable screen runs nearly to the device’s edge.

iPad 5 leak

It’s easier to do that on a device that can be held from behind with a single hand, so don’t expect the full-sized iPad to have the exact same super-thin side bezel. But Apple could reduce the size of its new iPad by a smidge through shrinking the bezel around the 9.7-inch screen. And that’s exactly what the leaked display parts from last week show: A thinner bezel all around.