Riak CS 1.4 adds OpenStack integration

Basho has always been a huge supporter of — and participant in — the open-source community. This was highlighted with the decision to open source Riak CS, its cloud storage software, earlier this year.
Riak CS 1.4 introduces formal integration with OpenStack API and authentication. There is now compatibility with OpenStack’s Object Storage API, which allows for basic object storage, and plans for further integration in future releases. Additionally, Riak CS now offers support for OpenStack’s Keystone authentication service. With this added support, administrators can easily share user credentials between both Riak CS and Openstack, making for a more seamless experience.
These updates continue to support the goal of offering cloud storage software that is simple, fault tolerant and highly available, while maintaining compatibility with industry standards. Riak CS is already used by many organizations worldwide, and this further integration should help even more users discover and leverage Riak CS.
To learn more about Riak CS 1.4, sign up for our free webcast on Friday, Aug. 23. You can also check out the full announcement and release notes.