Google+ for Android adds multiple account support, pull to refresh

Folks wanting to use more than one account in Google+ for Android(s goog) can do so, thanks to a new software update available in the Play Store. Version 4.1 includes account switching for those with multiple accounts, such as personal and work. The software also adds features for Google Apps accounts, according to Virgil Dobjanschi, Google’s tech lead for the Google+ Android app.
Android users gain a few other goodies in the update too, says Dobjanschi:

  • Photos stored in Google Drive get Google’s photo enhancement and are accessible through Google+
  • Location sharing can be refined to pinpoint or city-level location on a per-Circle basis
  • The old Messenger will disappear from Android since the feature was incorporated into Hangouts

One very welcome function is a new pull-to-refresh action, something I’d love to see become standard across all appropriate Android apps.
Dobjanschi notes that Messenger for iOS(s aapl) will get the same vanishing treatment later but didn’t specify if Google+ for iOS will gain the other features noted. The new software is rolling out to the Play store over the next few days so stay tuned for your update.