Potential iPhone 5C shown in video next to previous iPhone models

Another day, another potential iPhone 5C leak — but this time it’s in the form of a video. Sonny Dickson, who brought us photos of the alleged lime green iPhone 5C housing on Monday, now has a video of the iPhone 5C’s housing stacked up against previous models of the phone.
The iPhone 5C is believed to be Apple’s budget-friendly alternative to the iPhone 5S, with an unsubsidized price of around $400. There’s no new info, but the yellow color of the casing in this video suggests that the iPhone 5C will be offered in a number of different colors, like the iPod touch.
You can see from the video that the purported 5C is roughly the same length as the iPhone 5, which suggests that it too will feature a 4-inch display.
Apple is believed to be holding a special event to announce the iPhone 5S on September 10. If the iPhone 5C turns out to be the real deal, it may make an appearance then too.