The full HTC “Here’s to Change” video ad: A super-hero or super-zero?

After a short video teaser of its new “Here’s to Change” ad campaign, HTC shared the first full spot featuring Robert Downey Jr. on Wednesday. The first phase of the campaign is meant to to raise HTC’s brand awareness in a fun way but after watching the video, “fun” was actually replaced by “zany” in my mind.
Here’s the spot:
Maybe it’s just me, but I’m reminded of the old Microsoft(s msft) ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates walking around having strange conversations. Those didn’t set the world on fire and were promptly pulled, even after it was public knowledge that a whole series of different spots were planned.

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I’ll give HTC one thing: This video will certainly get people talking about the company. Heck, that’s what I’m doing right now. But I hope that the company quickly moves on to phase two of the concept: Focusing on the standout features on its smartphones.
Perhaps I’m stuck on the wrong side of the mid-week hump and I’m missing the brilliance of HTC’s idea here. Check the video out and cast a vote in our simple poll: Is the “Here’s to Change” ad a winner or a loser in your eyes?