This Google Glass app can help you ace your next job interview

With all of the sensors in Google Glass(s goog), is it possible to provide some biofeedback that helps in stressful situations? If you have the right application, yes. As part of Twilio’s recent Autism Hackathon, developer Lance Nanek created just such an app, called My Monitor, which provides real-time feedback on your voice and eye level; two key success factors in any interview.
Using an open-source sound analysis app called Audalyzer, Nanek’s Glass app shows current sound levels and speaking tone on a graph in real-time.
my monitor sound
When the software detects a tone or volume outside of certain parameters, a “keep your voice calm” reminder flashes on the Google Glass display. Likewise, Glass wearers will get an on-screen nudge if their eye-level strays too far up or down, helping them to focus on looking at the speaker during an interview.
Nanek originally designed the application for people having to deal with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which currently affects 1 in 88 children according to Autism Speaks, so this is great project to help a very worthy cause.
It was actually staff from that organization who suggested Nanek’s app could be useful for mock interview training. I wouldn’t think that most job interviewees will show up wearing Google Glass currently, but in the future, as Glass becomes more readily available and widely used, Nanek’s software could become quite useful in that situation.