AWS updates CloudFormation

AWS announced two new features of Cloud Formation this week.  One feature update allows CloudFormation to create, update, and delete resources in parallel, thus improving the performance of these operations.  CloudFormation automatically determines which resources in a template can be created in parallel, and which templates are used as a blue print when running CloudFormation to describe the stack of applications and resources needed.
“The second new feature, called nested stack updates, deals with how resources are updated. Using CloudFormation, a three-tier application consisting of, for example, a web tier, app tier, and database tier can be created together and in the correct order. With the introduction of nested stack updates, users can also update all the parts in one swoop, instead of having to update each part individually.”
Tools such as AWS’s CloudFormation make leveraging cloud-based resources easier because they can be addressed as configurations versus individual resources.  Many enterprises have found CloudFormation useful, and, indeed, will find welcome additions in the update.