A five minute Google outage equals a big dip in internet traffic

If there was any doubt about Google and its dominant reach on the web, then the five minute outage that took down all Google properties including GMail and YouTube on late Friday proved it for once and for all. Go Squared, which keeps track of web traffic, on its website noted that “the number of page views coming into GoSquared’s real-time tracking — around a 40% drop.” According to Deepfield, an Ann Arbor, MI based networking company, Google (not including its other properties) now accounts for nearly 25 percent of internet traffic on an average. “I’d say the overall impact was modest since the outage mainly seemed to impact lower bandwidth (but arguably more critical) services like gmail,” said Craig Labovitz, founder of Deepfield and added, “Specifically, the large volumes of Youtube traffic originating from distributed Google Edge Caches (GGC) do not appear to have been impacted in the same way.”