If you’re single, your mom is more likely to use an iPad than you are

A new study from Flurry Analytics is out, filled with data about iPhone and iPad usage collected randomly from 44,295 users during the month of May. This data is helpful for advertisers, but it’s pretty interesting for everyone else as well.
Did you know, for instance, that bargain hunters and single people are more likely to use their iPhones than anyone else? And on the other end of the spectrum, iPad usage ranks highest among pet owners, small business owners, and yes, moms.
This actually makes a lot more sense than it sounds. Think about it: The top three groups of people most likely to spend more time on an iPhone (value shoppers, singles, and hip urban lifestylers, according to the study) are all far more likely to be “on the move” than iPad users – the aforementioned pet owners, small business owners and moms.
These results hold true when you look at the chart below. The groups of people more likely to be out and about are also more likely to use their phones, while the iPad is more popular among the groups of people more likely to spend most of their time at home.
Flurry iPhone iPad
The study also compares the amount of time spent using particular apps on the iPhone versus the iPad. Unsurprisingly, features like navigation and health and fitness come out on top for the iPhone, since people are more likely to use these apps while on the move. Education and Newsstand, however, are more popular on the iPad. This makes sense, given the iPad’s larger display for long-form reading and the more home-oriented nature of these types of apps.
Finally, Flurry analyzes the time of day people spent using their iDevices. iPhone and iPad usage are about average in the morning hours, though the iPad sees a large spike between 6-10PM when most people are likely to get home, sit on the couch, and power up their device. Later than that, however, iPhone use is much more prevalent, as all those singles and hip urban lifestylers hit the town.
What it all comes down to, then, is that if you’re single, your mom is much more likely to be reading this on an iPad right now than you are.