Video: What it’s like to order a custom Moto X smartphone

One of the unique features of Motorola’s Moto X(s goog) handset — see our review here — is that it is “designed for you,” meaning you can customize certain aspects of the phone. How does that work? You create your phone online and Motorola says it will build and ship your handset so that you receive it in four days or less.
Here’s how it looks when you actually order a Moto X:
The process is pretty simple: Make three color choices, add some custom engraving and screen messages and pick your wallpaper. You can also purchase a case or color-matched headphones during the process. The zooming feature didn’t seem to work for me, but that could be browser specific. I did like the 360-degree view, though: It really helps when choosing the colors of your phone’s buttons.
I ordered this loaner handset on Thursday, August 15 and Motorola says it should be delivered by Monday. Let’s see what happens!
Updated at 8:20am: In the video I mention the option of getting a loaner phone from AT&T while your custom Moto X is being built. That information was provided to me at the Moto X press event where AT&T was not present. An AT&T representative reached out after this post was published saying the information is incorrect: loaner phones will not be provided. Instead, customers will receive a card and PIN at AT&T retail stores to order their phone and wait for Motorola to build and ship it.