We’re excited to announce ARM CEO Simon Segars is speaking at Mobilize 2013

Inside your cell phone is a chip that uses the ARM(s armh) architecture and inside your home electronics you’ll increasingly find ARM-based chips. As computing moves away from traditional computers, the British company that’s behind many of the chips underpinning tomorrow’s applications is pushing its architecture inside more boxes, widgets and maybe even data centers.
Mobilize_in-article_300x200From the internet of things to the base station gear powering cellular networks, ARM is offering designs that chipmakers are choosing. But beyond the architecture, the company is creating partnerships and pushing software and standards to make sure the vision of a connected everything comes to pass. As the man leading ARM into this new wave of ubiquitous computing, Simon Segars is poised to be a powerful figure.
He’s modest for the CEO of a company that made a billion dollars in revenue over the last 12 months, but if you subscribe to the idea that the silicon will help determine how far our future can go, then this is the man is leading the company powering the mobile and connected revolution. So if you want to understand what’s coming next, come see him speak at Mobilize 2013 in October in San Francisco.
Our team has planned an event that will help attendees understand the future of computing, now that it has gone mobile and is escaping the confines of screens. From the cellular and home networks required to new business models around bandwidth, we’re covering the necessary infrastructure. And because computing isn’t just mobile -it’s everywhere — we’ve brought the makers of the hottest connected devices such as the SmartThings hub and the Pebble watch to speak about the connected home and wearables.
But all this connectivity and these devices are nothing without viable business models and sharing data via the cloud, so we have people onstage who will cover that as well. So if you want a full picture of the next wave of computing, from silicon to business strategy, make sure you register for Mobilize.