Colorful button photos could be another sign of the rumored iPhone 5C

As September 10 grows nearer, it’s seeming more and more like Apple(a aapl) will be announcing the rumored iPhone 5C alongside the expected iPhone 5S. New leaked images, once again courtesy of blogger Sonny Dickson, show colorful volume buttons in the same varying shades as the iPhone 5C’s case.
iphone 5c buttons
Little is known about the iPhone 5C other than that it is believed to be Apple’s budget-friendly alternative to the iPhone 5S. Early rumors placed the phone at an unsubsidized price of around $400, while newer rumors show that the phone may wind up costing buyers a bit more.
No new information accompanies these images, so the buttons aren’t proof positive that the phone even exists. It is still entirely possible that all of these images are fakes, or from an abandoned design concept. But if they are real, they suggest the iPhone 5C will be sporting an array of colorful buttons to match its bright, colorful casing.
Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5C at its event on September 10 for the iPhone 5S.
iphone 5c cases
iphone 5c pink case