Whoa: NFC can be used to power an E Ink display without wires!

You probably knew that NFC can be used for digital wallets and simple device pairing, but did you know you can create power with Near Field Communications? Don’t run out and cancel your electric service just yet: The wireless component can only make a very small bit of power. It turns out that’s just enough for a small E Ink display though.
Liliputing spotted this interesting tidbit on the NFC Brief site, and while it sounds gimmicky, I can see some practical use here. E Ink displays only require power when the screen is refreshed to show new information. So if you have important information on an NFC-enabled smartphone, for example, you could tap your handset to a special E Ink display, wirelessly providing both the data and the power to display it.
Check this example video to see the concept in action:
The special NFC tag was jointly developed by Intel Labs(s intc), the University of Washington and the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
There’s no commercial product yet available with this technology, but the concept and demo are both compelling. Imagine companion displays in your car, on your desk or perhaps built into the backs of laptop bags. You’d be able to show static, but useful information on these secondary displays without the need for more power.