Netflix steals Weinstein movies away from Showtime

Think Netflix (s NFLX) only cares about TV shows these days? Think again: The video subscription serviceĀ just inked a deal with the Weinstein Company that will bring movies from Weinstein and its Dimension Films outlet to Netflix during what industry insiders like to call the pay TV window.
This means that Netflix will get the films a couple of months after the appear in theaters, in the same that HBO(s twc) and Showtime do. Speaking of which: Weinstein currently has a deal with Showtime, but Netflix apparently outbid the pay TV network. Netflix already has a deal with Weinstein for documentaries and foreign films, which brought titles like The Artist to the service.
This isn’t the first time that Netflix has done a significant pay TV window deal with one of the big names in Hollywood: At the end of last year, Netflix struck a similar agreement with Disney, (s DIS) outbidding Starz for the company’s animated and live action features, as well as Marvell and Pixar Animation fare.
However, competing in the pay TV big league takes time: In the case of both Disney and Weinstein, newly-released movies won’t show up on Netflix until 2016.
Image of Harvey Weinstein courtesy of Flickr userĀ Nick Stepowyj.