U.S. cable and telecom companies add 295,000 new subscribers in Q2

Seventeen of the largest cable and telecom companies in the U.S. added roughly 295,000 broadband subscribers in Q2 of 2013, according to Leichtman Research Group. These providers now serve 82.7 million subscribers, with cable companies providing broadband access to 47.8 million users and telephone companies working with nearly 34.9 million subscribers.
LRG notes in its findings that Q2 is notoriously slow for broadband growth, and this is the third time in the last four years that telecom companies have lost subscribers. Still, heavyweights like Comcast and AT&T dominate broadband access, with just a few close competitors.
Here are more highlights from LRG’s report:

  • The top cable broadband providers have a 58 percent share of the overall market, with about 13 million more subscribers than the top telephone companies–– compared to 11.2 million more a year ago
  • AT&T and Verizon added 802,000 fiber subscribers in the quarter (via U-verse and FiOS), while having a net loss of 818,000 DSL subscribers
  • AT&T has reported net broadband losses in six of the past nine quarters
  • Overall, broadband additions in Q2 2013 amounted to 116 percent of those in Q2 2012