Cluster gets new funding, updated app for photo sharing

Today is a big day for photo-sharing and communal album platform Cluster, which launched in February of this year. In addition to releasing a new version of its app for the iPhone, the company has announced a seed round led by Instagram VC Steve Anderson of Baseline Ventures.
The $1.6 million raised in the round will extend Cluster’s runway to 18 months, according to the company blog — enough time to give their latest app a go in the tough world of mobile photo-sharing apps.
The latest iteration of Cluster’s mobile app comes with a few new features:

  • Better Notifications: The app now posts updates in badges and banners to keep users apprised of the latest content, and pushes content to users that request it.
  • Expanded Cluster Features: All public clusters that friends are creating will be available for view, and all clusters now have unique codes for easy sharing via email or social media.
  • More Sharing Options: Images can now be added from any album and flagged for deletion for anyone within the app, making it simple to share photos users like and nix the ones they don’t.

While Cluster’s novel real-time approach and vote of confidence from Instagram’s backers indicate optimism for the app’s performance, the growing team at Cluster has a lot to prove before they can run with the big dogs in the photo sharing world.