Oppo teases N1 smartphone with rear touch back panel

News of the Oppo N1 first surfaced a couple of weeks ago, and Oppo has since officially confirmed the phone will be announced on September 23. Now, the company is teasing its new smartphone in a series of provocative ads on its Facebook page. One ad makes reference to a rear touch back panel, which Oppo is calling “a brand new user experience.”

Oppo N1 back

At this point is unclear just what, exactly, this rear touch panel will entail. The photo of a woman’s back appears to offer no clues, nor does the photo of a roll of toilet paper, under which Oppo claims the N1 will be “easy to use with one hand so you can get busy with the other one.”

Oppo n1 toilet paper

The closest point of comparison would be the recently announced LG G2, which has a set of control buttons on the back of the phone. After extensive research on how people use their phones, LG decided to place the power and volume controls below the camera, and they are the only physical buttons on the device. Oppo might be going for something similar, but that wouldn’t quite qualify as a “brand new user experience.”
Another image shows that the N1 will be Oppo’s successor (at least in spirit) to the Find 5, a high-quality 5-inch Android(s goog) device it released earlier this year. Apparently Oppo’s recently announced R819 didn’t make the cut.
Original rumors pegged the N1 as featuring a Xenon flash and an “Owl” image chip for strong low-light camera performance. Whether this is still part of the deal remains to be seen, but for now, Oppo has certainly managed to pique my interest.

oppo n1 timeline

All images from Oppo’s Facebook page.