Software AG snaps up JackBe for fresh analytics and visualization push

Germany’s Software AG has revealed its purchase of the U.S. real-time analytics outfit JackBe, along with the release of a new business operations platform that is based on JackBe’s technology.
JackBe, which is based in Chevy Chase, Maryland and has offices in Silicon Valley and Mexico City, provides analytics and visualization tools for mashing up and interpreting hefty amounts of data coming in from different sources. Its customers include big names such as General Electric(s ge), Qualcomm(s qcom), Intel(s intc), Wells Fargo(s wfc) and Procter & Gamble(s pg).
Software AG has not disclosed the value of the deal, but it’s certainly put it to use quickly: the company’s new webMethods Intelligent Business Operations Platform (IBO), also announced on Thursday, uses JackBe’s capabilities from the get-go.
IBO is intended to give enterprises a view of their operational processes, mixing historical, live, transactional and machine-to-machine (M2M) data and providing visualizations to make sense of the results. Early access customers will get their hands on this in the fourth quarter of this year.
Of course, JackBe already had a product for doing much of that, named Presto (not, I assume, to be confused with Facebook(s fb)’s data analysis tool of the same name). This is now available as Software AG Presto, both as a standalone product and as an add-on for Software AG-owned Terracotta’s BigMemory in-memory data management toolkit.
Presto will also be integrated as the visualization and analytics layer for all Software AG’s products, the company added.