Alleged iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C pictured together for the first time

The last few weeks have brought us their fill of iPhone(s aapl) leaks, and while we’ve seen photos that purport to be of the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, we haven’t yet seen them pictured together. Today’s leak, courtesy once again of Sonny Dickson, pictures the two phones side by side for the first time.
According to Dickson, these images are directly from sources within Apple’s supply chain. In addition to the images of the two allegedly new phones next to one another, there’s a pretty substantial part leak here too, showcasing everything from the SIM card tray and audio jack to ribbon cables and the front and rear cameras. Note the flash cutout on the back of the iPhone 5S is larger than it is on the iPhone 5, which suggests the phone will indeed use the rumored dual-flash.
This is the most extensive part leak we’ve seen yet. See the photos below, and head over to Sonny Dickson if you want to see practically everything but the logic board.
Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5S and its lower-priced alternative, the iPhone 5C, at an event on September 10. I’m not sure how much more can leak before then outside of a fully functional prototype, but I wouldn’t be surprised if these images aren’t the last we see.
iPhone 5S 5C
iPhone 5S 5C cases
iPhone 5S camera
iPhone 5S stand
iPhone 5S parts
iPhone 5S display
All images from Sonny Dickson.