OK Google Now: Start selling the Verizon Moto X on August 29

A Motorola(s goog) VP wasn’t kidding when he said on Friday that other carriers would be launching the Moto X in days. On Monday, Verizon(s vz)(s vod) tweeted out availability details for its Moto X, which will be available in either black or white:

Verizon will be charging the same $199 price with a two-year contract as AT&T (s t) but for the time being only AT&T customers can customize their handset using the Moto Maker website.
Aside from that difference, and support for Verizon’s LTE and voice network, there’s no difference in this version of the Moto X. Although I haven’t used Verizon’s Moto X, I have used the AT&T model extensively and find it to be an outstanding blend of intelligent hardware choices and new software features.
Even so, you can get a very similar experience from Verizon’s new trio of Droid Ultra phones priced at $99, $199, and $299 with contract. The lower cost model is the Droid Ultra Mini, pairing a 4.3-inch screen with the same basic internals as the Moto X. Three hundred dollars gets you the Droid Maxx with 5-inch screen and much larger battery, but again, the same functions as the Moto X. Costing the same price as the X is the base Droid Ultra, with its 4.5-inch display.
As a result of such similarities — and because of the lack of customization — Motorola will probably sell fewer Moto X devices than AT&T does. But I’d expect overall Motorola handset sells to be healthy with both the Moto X and the three Droid Ultra phones.