Stay on top of evolving cloud storage pricing models

As the cloud matures, the complexity and hidden charges in many cloud storage services have become a problem for users to decipher and understand. Moreover, the initial benefits of the capacity license model, in which users pay only for how much data they protect, is less appealing as data volumes grow and costs keep going up. This makes it hard to predict the price you are actually signing up for when you select a service, which makes budgeting difficult.
In this webinar we will discuss the difficulties facing the existing cloud data backup and recovery pricing models, plus we’ll look at other industries such as the auto insurance market for examples of innovative pricing schemes that can be more compelling for customers and consequently drive adoption.
Our panel will address these topics:

  • What is the predominant cloud pricing model for backup and recovery today?
  • What are the limitations of this approach? (Examples)
  • How have other industries innovated around pricing to improve customer retention? (Auto insurance, others?)
  • What lessons can we learn from these early innovators failures and successes?
  • What are the potential challenges with new pricing schemes?
  • What will the economics of cloud storage look like in the next three to five years?

Speakers include: 

  • Barb Goldworm , president and chief analyst, FOCUS, LLC
  • Jo Maitland, research director, GigaOM
  • Eran Farajun, executive VP, Asigra

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