Amazon will pay developers referral fees for selling products through their apps

Amazon (s AMZN) has introduced a new way for app developers to make money: The Amazon Mobile Associates API for Android (s GOOG), which lets them sell both physical and digital products from Amazon’s catalog within their apps, earning up to 6 percent in referral fees.
On Amazon’s developers blog, the company’s Mike Hines laid out the ways that this can work:

Sell a single item from Amazon in your app or game: The boss at the end of a stage in your game is a giant three-headed wolf, sell the popular ‘Three Wolf Moon’ t-shirt from Amazon
Showcase a category of goods from Amazon in your app or game: Your app is based on improving nutrition over time, offer health-related products like vitamins, supplements, etc. or the Kindle edition of The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss from within your app
Bundle a purchase of a physical product from Amazon with digital content within your app: Sell a toy version of one of the characters in your game, then automatically enable them to play as that same character”

The Mobile Associates API is an extension of Amazon’s web-based Associates program, which lets blog owners and others earn referral fees for linking to Amazon products.