AWS Down Over the Weekend

AWS was down for a few hours on Sunday.  A few key customers were affected, including Instagram, Flipboard, and Vine.

Derrick Harris reports, “The outage stemmed from a network issue and lasted from 12:51 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday until 1:42 p.m., according to the AWS status page. As of 3:23 P.M., AWS was reporting that most affected Elastic Compute Cloud instances were back up and running and that it was ‘continuing to work on a small number of instances and volumes that require additional maintenance before they return to normal performance.’”
The last large outage occurred on Christmas last year.  For the most part, AWS has maintained a good uptime record since then.  These kinds of outages are likely occurrences from time-to-time, typically around hardware failures.  AWS seems to be getting better at working around these outages with minimum customer downtime.
For the most part, public cloud providers have avoided the number of major outages that many analysts and experts expected.  Typically, when you compare the uptime record of a public cloud computing provider against uptimes records within enterprise data centers, cloud computing seems to have a much better track record and the outages are typically less expensive.