HP to provide SAP’s HANA in-memory database in the cloud

Hewlett-Packard just introduced a cloud service that leverage SAP’s HANA in-memory database.  Of course, it focuses on customers who want to analyze big data.  The service is called HP As-a-Service Solution for SAP HANA, and will be available worldwide with the initial rollout in Australia and New Zealand.

As reported by IDG, “The service runs in an HP managed cloud environment, as a managed virtual private cloud or a managed private cloud, within a regionalized, enterprise-class HP data center facility, the company said. It is powered by HP AppSystem for SAP HANA which is SAP certified, and allows customers to benefit from in-memory computing technology and process large quantities of data in the main memory of the server to provide quicker results from analysis and transactions.”
This is a good move for both HP and SAP.  HANA is a popular analytical database, and many enterprises will choose to consume it as a cloud service, rather than spend the bucks on hardware.  HP needs to gain some more attention, in terms of their new cloud services, and this could drive some business their way as well.