GigaOM Chrome Show: What’s new in Chrome OS and where did the Chromeboxes go?

The latest Stable channel update has arrived for Chrome OS(s goog) devices and we take a quick walk through all of the new features. And if you listen to the show, you’ll learn how to enable a hidden feature: QuickOffice support. A different flag in Chrome Beta for Android can make your new browser tabs look more like the desktop version of Chrome.
And another school goes with Chromebooks, but not for the first time: Last year’s Chromebook program was successful, so the school is repeating the process this year. And our extension of the week is just in time for your Fantasy Football league!
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Hosts: Kevin C. Tofel and Chris Albrecht
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What’s in the Chrome OS Stable channel update?
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Where did all the Chromeboxes go?
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Extension of the week: PickemFirst